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The edges of the Internet

My old Novell compadre–Scott Lemon–tests the edges of the Internet. We have a lot of infrastructure work to do. (Poor sap, still uses Radio….uh…I still use Manila.)


The edges of the Internet

This year it has been fun to retest the edges of the Internet.  What I mean is “How easy is it to get on the Internet from various places?”
In May I took a trip to the Philippines (Philippines Videos) and was blown away at how easy it was to get Internet access everywhere.  There were cost-effective Internet Cafe’s all over the place.  I was there from the 21st to the 31st, and travelled from Manila to Baguio, to Iloilo and Bacolod, and back to Manila.  Internet was everywhere.  Cheap and plentiful.
I’m posting this from the coast of Cuba, on the way to Labadee, Haiti.  I’m aboard the Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas, and yes … there is Internet.  In fact, I’m on Wifi sitting in a lounge on the 14th deck looking out over the upper decks of the ship toward the distant horizon.  Somewhere out there is Haiti.  We’ll get there sometime tomorrow morning … I think.
Slowly but surely access to the Internet is reaching everywhere on earth.  Everywhere.  It was interesting to see that even cellular is reaching out … there is a Cingular cell onboard the ship and so I have full strength cellular service and SMS text.
As technology continues to advance, wireless technologies improve, and business models support it … the edges of the Internet are slowly going away.  It is inevitable that when something like the Interent permeates the entire planet … there are no longer any edges … it simply becomes something that is.

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Sim City in your Browser–Free

I saw that EA has put classic Sim City up and it runs in your browser. Here is a way to spend your time. My kids love sim city.

Browser version

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"Blinking" problem solved!

Starting yesterday, my computer has been having what seemed to be an unsolvable problem. Every time I opened the browser–either FireFox or IE–the browser address bar, the window that was open, and the search toolbar would start “blinking.”

If I tried to type something into a form or an address window, the keyboard either wouldn’t work or I would press a key and 20 instances of the character would be typed.

I painfully searched Google and MSN and yahoo for forums that would show the problem. No success.

It suddenly dawned on me that the batteries in my wireless keyboard and/or trackball–both logitech products–might be low. I replace the batteries…problem solved!

Whew. This is much better.

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Livewriter Flickr Plugin Problem Solved


I recently downloaded the Flickr plugin for Livewriter and couldn’t make it work. For some reason, none of my photos would show up in the plugin. I chalked it up to a bug and posted a complaint on Tim’s web site.

In the middle of the night it occurred to me that all of the photos I have posted so far on Flickr and been marked as viewable by friends and family only. None of them had been made “public” yet. Aha, I changed the status of a few photos and–Viola! It works.

Very nice Tim!

Maryamie: Love is…

What a romantic eh? 

August 14

Love is…

Love is letting me warm my cold feet on your legs when I come to bed at night.
Love is making my coffee with two creams and no sugar the way I like it.
Love is offering me the last shrimp in your combination fried rice.
Love is carrying my laptop bag to the house for me.
Love is holding the door open for me even though you have your hands full with our laptop bags.
Love is holding my hand on the drive home.
Love is simply all in the way you look at me.

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