Dave Winer: My first review of Leopard

I have been watching all the buzz on twitter of the anticipated arrival of Leopard this week. Most of the twitter users I follow are Mac users. Hmmmm. They all seem to be very excited about it. My buddy Dave Winer just posted his first review of Leopard.

The review is not exaustive, it could be summarized as

(Icon courtesy of Zlango)

I don’t mean his review is boring. But that Dave finds the new OS boring.

I don’t have a Mac any more so I can’t comment. But my experience is that an OS move is always bigger than you think. The move from XP to Vista was tough but I am not willing to go back and give up some of the features.

I think Daves review is needs help.

All in all, changes to an OS aren’t that important. The action is in the apps, and for me, just a couple of primary ones, the web browser and my integrated writing and programming environment. It’s been quite a while since there have been meaningful improvements to either, and those improvements would end up meaning a lot more to me than improvements to the OS. Permalink to this paragraph

There isn’t much you can do, after the Mac has been around for 23 years, that hasn’t already been done. Permalink to this paragraph

Net-net, my first impression of Leopard is that it isn’t a big deal one way or the other.

My first review of Leopard (Scripting News)

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