What a beautiful amateur coat you have

 Kim Cameron does a book review of The Cult of the Amateur. The title of his post is “Emperor of the Amateurs” I assume this is as in the the Emperor has no clothes. I saw this guy peddling his book on the Colbert Report the other night. Both Judith and I looked at each other and said, “can this guy be real?” I am glad to see others that have actually done the work of ferreting out the bastard.

“How today’s Internet is killing our culture” my ass.

How blogs, MySpace, YouTube, and the rest of today's user-generated media are destroying our economy, our culture, and our values

If you are looking for a real hoot, and have nothing enjoyable or worthwhile to do, consider spending an hour (no more) with Andrew Keen’s The Cult of the Amateur.  Whatever you do, don’t buy it – you’re sure to find discarded copies lying around.  Mine, for example.

Identity – Digital Identity, Privacy, and the Internet’s Missing Identity Layer

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