This is very scary stuff. Read the article. 

Time To Bury REAL ID

Sensenbrenner ID Graphic

Fund it?  Kill it.

The Senate will be voting this week on funding Homeland Security this week, and one national ID card-loving politician is trying to slip-in a little REAL ID funding: he needs to be stopped.

States have strongly resisted this unfunded federal mandate – one that the Department of Homeland Security expects to cost more that $23 billion or almost $100 per license holder.  Seventeen states have said ‘no’ to REAL ID – labeling it invasive, un-American, costly and an invitation to identity theft.  They know it will force citizens to stand in long lines for licenses and endure numerous hassles looking for documents like birth certificates.

Now instead of listening to the states, Senator Lamar Alexander plans to offer an amendment to this year’s Homeland Security funding bill that will take hundreds of millions of dollars away from important things like port security, the Coast Guard, and disaster preparedness.  He wants to give a little cash to the states to fund REAL ID – 300 million dollars-worth – and expects the states to gratefully pay the remaining 22.7 billion dollar tab.


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