MS Goes Open Source to Boost Identity Management

I’m not sure what this means yet. I will call Kim and find out.I think it is a good idea, but under what license agreement. Certainly not the GPL! 

Microsoft is launching a slew of initiatives to help Web sites identify visitors.
First, the company is kicking off four open-source projects to support the development of ID cards for online users. Microsoft is also releasing one of its identity management specs, Identity Selector Interoperability Profile, under its OSP (Open Specification Promise), meaning the specification is clear of licensing fees or patent worries.

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Finally, Microsoft is responding to users’ requests for better direct synchronization of identity information between Active Directory and the OpenLDAP Directory using Microsoft ILM (Identity Lifecycle Manager) 2007 by collaborating on an open-source project with Kernel Networks and Oxford Computer Group to create an OpenLDAP adapter for Microsoft ILM 2007.

Source: MS Goes Open Source to Boost Identity Management


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