Announcing the Pamela Project

Pamela Dingle, Kim Cameron, Dale Olds and yours truly are proud to announce the Pamela Project. The Project is named after Pamela as she is doing all of the heavy lifting, plus I think it’s a cool name. The following describes what Pam has done so far: 

To this end, we are now in the beta stage of the first download from the Pamela Project: PamelaWare for WordPress (shortened to PW-wp for obvious reasons). I have taken Kim Cameron’s original PHP relying party code for WordPress and done the following things to it:

  • Turned it into a WordPress Plugin that can be activated & managed from the WordPress Administration console
  • Added an Error Handler & Debug Handler
  • Created Documentation around installation & troubleshooting (plus a community comment capability for the documentation that allows collaborative updates to my initial instructions)
  • Added a full Information Card Configuration Console
    • Including detection of missing prerequisites such as PHP5 or mcrypt.
    • Also including prescriptive tests around HTTPS capability.
  • More details on features are here.
  • Screenshots are here.
  • Try it out at our test blog!

Source: Adventures of an Eternal Optimist

Obviously we plan on targeting other platforms. But for now, WordPress is it! We are trying to help get this identity stuff moving. Hope you enjoy.


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