UK RFID Passports Cracked Already

 Ok, I know this is old, but US is moving to RFID passports Jan1, I don’t even own a hammer.


UK RFID Passports Cracked Already

from the feeling-safer? dept

There’s been an odd rush by governments to move to RFID passports, even though there are serious concerns about how secure they really are. Over in the UK, where many RFID passports are already in use, a security researcher and a reporter were able to crack some aspects of the passport. It is, admittedly, a limited crack, but it could potentially be used to make a clone RFID chip for a counterfeit passport. While the UK government claims this crack is no big deal, you’d have to think that it shouldn’t take long for other problems to show up as well. What seems pretty clear from the description is that the implementation was done without all that much thought given to the security side of the equation. We’re not as down on RFIDs as some people are — but with all the questions about security and privacy issues, you would think that officials would have been extra careful before sticking them in something such as a passport. Apparently not.

Source: Techdirt: UK RFID Passports Cracked Already


One response to “UK RFID Passports Cracked Already

  1. With each and every passing day more information comes to light about the ways that contactless technology seems likely to impact on our lives. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) or ‘contactless’ applications are certainly a force to be reckoned with. For those that are interested in this subject, I’ve posted some PDF case studies on my blog, which may be of interest. All make for pretty easy reading, (even a numbskull like me can understand them), and are aimed squarely at lay audiences; detailing both the pros, and some of the cons with this new science!!!

    There are three files at present, (all optimized for swift download) and from memory I think it’s the second file that details a big student RFID tagging programme in Texas. Really staggering stuff – the UK passport rollout is just the tip of a far larger iceberg! There’s a story about how hackers have ‘skimmed’ information from the UK Oyster travel card, and one about the US Department of Defence, which now issues RFID shielding sleeves (i.e. anti-skimming) with its standard issue ID cards for service military personnel. (Mmmm – that one made me wonder????)

    Anyway, you should be able to navigate to the relevant post by following this link:

    Thanks for raising awareness by the way.

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