KRCL, Real Radio Lives

I agree with Doc, KRCL is a great radio station. Every Sat and Sun from 10 2, Sagebrush Serenade. Live Blues and so on. Thanks for reminding me Doc.


Real Radio Lives

I listened to a lot of KRCL on the way down here yesterday. Dunno why, but I’d never heard them, or heard of them, before. But man, what a great mess of music they put out. Yesterday morning most or all of the the music was by Native Americans, or had a native theme of some kind. I missed the details. What I didn’t miss was that it was hard to tune away, or to turn the sound off when the phone rang (which it did, a lot). Anyway, I just wanted to salute a rare real radio station. (With something even more rare for a real station: a big signal.)

Source: The Doc Searls Weblog : Saturday, January 6, 2007


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