DIY homemade instant oatmeal – Lifehacker

Yucch! Instant Oatmeal–in any form–is pig fodder. Cooking real oatmeal takes five minutes (you have to boil the water) instead of one. The real oatmeal is infinitly better than the instant crap. 

homemade instant oatmeal


DIY site Instructables has a simple tutorial on making cheaper, tastier, healthier instant-oatmeal servings than the ones that come in those paper packets.

In a nutshell, you mix a handful of ingredients (starting with bulk instant oatmeal) in a plastic container or zip-lock bag, shake everything up and go on your merry way. When you’re ready to eat, add hot water and wait a minute.

You may want to experiment with the ingredients a bit (I recommend dried cherries), but otherwise this is a smart and easy alternative to sugar-filled, prepackaged instant oatmeal. — Rick Broida

Source: DIY homemade instant oatmeal – Lifehacker


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