Onerous Vista Activation—A Time Bomb?

 Some bright engineering person at the bequest of Ray Noorda decided NetWare needed a “keycard” for every version of NetWare. Each key card had to be burned to match the NetWare serialization. Then, a glob of epoxy was gooped on the security chip to make sure the serial number couldn’t lifted from the chip.

I am not kidding you. This is what the thinking was at the time. It took me more than two years–still under the expectancy of rapid fall into bankruptcy–to get rid of the damn keycard. Sales quickly went through the roof and support costs through the floor.

Ubiquity is a funny thing. You can’t force it, you’ll kill it. Msft is going to learn this the hard way and only give impetus to Apple and Linux distributions.  Sometimes you gotta wonder.

Onerous Vista Activation—A Time Bomb?
Do we really need Windows Genuine Advantage?


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By John C. Dvorak

There has been a lot of chatter recently over some of the newer activation and validation schemes that Microsoft may or may not implement with its new Vista operating system. Nobody at Microsoft is saying much, and a lot of bloggers and pundits are all over these alleged schemes, calling them bad news for users. I personally see these developments as bad news for Microsoft, especially if what I’m about to outline actually happens

Source: Columns by PC Magazine: Onerous Vista Activation—A Time Bomb?


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