There are two groups of people

There is a great scene scene in the movie signs that has come up for me in the last few days. The conversation is
between Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix about some fundamental philosophical thinking. I looked it up and
actually found a transcript of the conversation, it is as follows:
Group number one sees it as more than luck,
more than coincidence.
They see it as a sign...
evidence that there is someone up there
watching out for them.
Group number two sees it as just pure luck,
a happy turn of chance.
I'm sure the people in group number two
are looking at those    lights in a very suspicious way.
For them, the situation isn't   -  .
Could be bad, could be good.
But deep down,
they feel that whatever happens,
they're on their own.
And that fills them with fear.
It isn't exactly as I remembered it but it makes my point. I don't subscribe to this thinking exactly but it
is a brilliant observation about two groups of people, group one that sees things as more than luck or coincidence
and group two that feels that deep down they're on their own.

So which are you?


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