We have seen the future of music

Whoever thought this up was brilliant. I downloaded a few of her songs. Never would have listened otherwise. I liked it. Check it out.

Juliana Hatfield offers honor system downloads

Posted Sep 4th 2006 1:46PM by Grant Robertson
Filed under: News, DRM

Popular singer-songwriter Juliana Hatfield, who has spanned from near-punk to glittery-pop over her career, is trying something new via her website.
In a manifesto about file-sharing that calls both the big four and the p2p pirates to the carpet for their own respective sins, a representative for Hatfield lays out a new plan.
There’s a furor raging over the legal and ethical reality of music downloading and sharing. On the one hand there are huge multinational corporations suing children and grandparents for copying digital files that let them listen to songs so ubiquitous as “Paranoid” and “Happy Birthday.”

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