The Ultimate IE emulator test


As you know if you read this blog, I am a full believer of what Kim Cameron is doing with Cardspace and identity.

A few weeks ago, I wanted to try it, it took a lot of work but runs with .Net 3.0, XP SP2, and IE 7 RC1.

I want it to work in Firefox. My thinking was that I would have to wait until Mozilla got around to supporting Info Cards in the browser. (2.0 beta doesn’t support Info Cards.)

I then stumbled on the IE emulator for FireFox. It works with blogging as I have already pointed out.

I decided to try commenting on Kim Cameron’s Identity blog. The only way to comment is to use an Infocard to register and login.

Guess what. It works! This is very nice. If you need IE compatibility for something and don’t want to use IE, try the emulator.

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4 responses to “The Ultimate IE emulator test

  1. Need some advise.. I have a mac and need to access eLearning that is only IE compatable. Is there a plugin or something i can install on my firefox for mac to emulate IE ?

  2. I know not of a plugin for the Mac for IE compatibility. IE compatibility on the PC actually loads and executes IE inside of a firefox session. This means you must have IE installed on the machine that uses the plugin. As far as I know, this is a PC only thing.

  3. I’m looking for an ie emulator that runs under Ubuntu. Have tried Wine plus IE, but that isn’t working right, and also have tried Opera, which supposedly looks like IE to a website.

    Specifically, I’m looking for a browser that works very well with Outlook web access.

  4. Solved! I installed IEs4Linux, which runs IE6 under Wine.

    Working great on my Eee PC running Ubuntu.

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