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 As a writer-wannabe…I totally relate to this post.

Write a book in a week

by Mary

This is how I went about writing a book in a week:

1. Don’t be tempted to start too soon. If you get halfway through before you’ve cooked the idea enough you’ll just have to start again anyway.
2. Don’t give yourself guilt about the time you spend doing something else while it cooks. You’re still working on it, it’s just not so obvious because you’re not generating anything visible.
3. Cancel your social life for that week. Once you’re in writing mode you’ll only be able to talk about your work anyway.
4. Plan it out. Even if you don’t stick to it, it’s easy to get bogged down in detail and you need to prompt yourself sometimes, specially when knackered.
5. Be realistic. If it’s a 60,000 word thing you’ll be pushed to complete more than a first draft and basic edit in a week.
6. Get really comfy. If you’re working at a computer you need to be really careful of your neck, or the week will be agony. I have one of those chairs that tips back into a footrest, plus lots of pillows and a side table with tea.
7. Get in lots of easy to make and eat food so you don’t have to stop thinking to cook.
8. Autopilot is best. Have a routine. Eg up at 9, start at 11am, work till 2, break, work till 5, break, work till 9, stop, bed at 11, or whatever suits you. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t stick to it but try as best you can.
9. Stop writing 2 hours before you plan to sleep, or you’ll be editing paragraphs behind your eyelids and won’t have time to recharge.
10. Have something really nice to look forward to for when you’ve finished, that will inspire you to stick to the deadline.

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