Microsoft butters up FireFox for Vista –

 The number of posts and curiosity about Mozilla going to Microsoft amazes me. Novell engineering and Microsoft OS guys used to visit each other, exchange technology, and communicate all of the time.

The people I had trouble with at Microsoft was Bill Gates, Paul Mauritz, and Steve Ballmer.

I have to keep reminding people that Msft does not have a single “persona.” There are many, many, many groups, each with different agendas.

They don’t have time–or the ability–to keep tabs on each other. Often, the groups inside Msft communicate with companies on the outside more often than the inside. Corporate life. It sucks.

Microsoft butters up Firefox for Vista

Software vendor offers help in bringing open source project to Windows Vista

Tom Sanders in California, 23 Aug 2006

Microsoft has offered to help the Mozilla Corporation port Firefox and Thunderbird to its forthcoming Windows Vista operating system. 

Sam Ramji, director of Microsoft’s Open Source Software Lab, sent an email to a Mozilla development mailing list offering access to the Windows Vista Readiness lab in December.

Source: Microsoft butters up Firefox for Vista –

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