xFruits and xhtml

Earlier I posted that xFruits was generating a new feed in XHTML from my RSS feed.

Phil Wilson pointed out that a feed can’t be in xhtml.

Craig, a feed cannot be XHTML. xFruits is generating a mobile version of your site from your existing feed, but it is not creating a new feed.

Phil Wilson [phil@philwilson.org] • 8/22/06; 6:58:15 PM #

Here is what Wikipedia says about xhtml mobile profiles:

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XHTML Mobile Profile (XHTML MP) is a hypertextual computer language standard designed specifically for mobile phones and other resource-constrained devices.

It is an XHTML document type defined by the Open Mobile Alliance. XHTML-MP is derived from XHTML 1.1 Basic Profile by adding XHTML Modules, with later versions of the standard adding more modules. However, for certain modules, XHTML-MP does not mandate a complete implementation so a XHTML-MP browser may not be fully conforming on all modules.
The XHTML MP 1.1 DTD is currently in the process of being finalized and is expected to be released around June 2006. Work on the 1.2 DTD continues but a release date is not yet known.

Thanks Phil.

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