Network Security Journal: Viruses Virtually Run Riot

26 million viruses blocked in July alone! Don’t tell me virus protection isn’t important. 

Viruses Virtually Run Riot

The Internet is a virtual ocean; while its benefits are huge, there are also debris floating around that contributes to pollution on a high scale. Viruses, worms, spam, phishing attempts, Trojan horses – these are a few malicious inhabitants of the worldwide web.

We all know they exist and that they should be dodged, prevented and killed, but do we know how many possible attacks are being foiled even as I write this? The numbers are staggering, from the Monthly Message Security & Management Update from Postini, for the month of July.

According to the California-based Internet message management company, it processed more than 26 billion SMTP email connections and staved off 62 percent as Directory Harvest Attacks (DHAs) and messages sent to non-existent recipients. Around 77 percent of messages scanned were found to be spam; if this is unbelievable, hold on, there’s worse to come.

Postini blocked more than 26 million viruses in July alone
; no, don’t rub your eyes in disbelief, the number’s right. The top five virus attacks were from Bagle, Netsky, Mytob, Mime and Mydoom.

Source: Network Security Journal: Viruses Virtually Run Riot

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