Official Google Blog: A better way to organize photos?

I have mixed feelings about this kind of post. On the one hand, I like it that Google is acting all visionary about search, on the other hand, this is difficult stuff and could take a long time to actually make it work. When you are in Google’s position, this sort of talk acts like a preannouncement and freezes innovation, investment and trust.

A double-edged sword. 

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A better way to organize photos?

8/15/2006 09:37:00 AM

Posted by Adrian Graham, Picasa Product Manager
It’s not always easy to search through your personal photos, and it’s certainly a lot harder than searching the web. Unless you take the time to label and organize all your pictures (and I’ll freely admit that I don’t), chances are it can be pretty hard to find that photo you just know is hidden somewhere deep inside your computer.
We’ve been working to make Picasa (Google’s free photo-organizing software) even better when it comes to searching for your own photos—to make finding them be as easy as finding stuff on the web. Luckily we’ve found some people who share this goal, and are excited that the Neven Vision team is now part of Google.
Neven Vision comes to Google with deep technology and expertise around automatically extracting information from a photo. It could be as simple as detecting whether or not a photo contains a person, or, one day, as complex as recognizing people, places, and objects. This technology just may make it a lot easier for you to organize and find the photos you care about. We don’t have any specific features to show off today, but we’re looking forward to having more to share with you soon.

Source: Official Google Blog: A better way to organize photos?

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