Correction–Livewriter is not Onfolio

I was trying to make Onfolio auto-post to WordPress. I used the suggested mechanisms recommended by Onfolio but I couldn’t make it work.

I posted a request for some help on the Onfolio help forum. I later got a response that Livewriter fixed a lot auto-post problems for Onfolio.

The way the response was worded, I assumed that Onfolio development had stopped and that Livewriter had replaced Onfolio.

I then received another reply on the forum that made it clear that Onfolio and Livewriter were two different things.

New comment on your post #7 “New Version of Onfolio dubbed Livewriter”
Author : Joe Cheng
Whois :
Just to clarify, Writer doesn’t replace Onfolio, as it’s only used for writing blog posts–there’s no web clipping, RSS reading, or anything else that Onfolio does. Writer is a new and different product that just happens to come from the same team that brought you Onfolio. 🙂

I subsequently listened to the podcast interview of JJ Allaire–founder of Onfolio–and he mentioned that a new version of Onfolio is going to come out. (Sorry, I can’t find the link to the podcast just now.)

I am happy about that. I have worked out a way to use Onfolio and Livewriter that is slick. Not as nice as just clicking on an icon in the Onfolio newspaper but pretty close.


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