New Version of Onfolio dubbed Livewriter

This is being created by Microsoft’s new blogging tool released today. Thanks to Dave Winer for the link. Just testing.

It worked great! This is so cool.


Later: I posted a question on the Onfolio help forum:

Sun August 13, 2006 12:45 PM (NEW!)
User is online

I also want
to use WordPress but the published command line just takes me to the admin page.$ITEM_HTML$&trackback=1&pingback=1&popupurl=$ITEM_URL$&popuptitle=$ITEM_TITLE$
It just doesn’t work. I am using the WordPress free web site. Is there a fix for this?

In a few hours, I got a response from Joe at Onfolio:

If you download and use Windows Live Writer, the newest version of Onfolio can integrate with it when you use Blog This. Writer works with all different weblogs, including WordPress.

I reponded that I had seen livewriter and had been playing with and had noticed the announcement was written by JJ Alaire, one of the founders of Onfolio. I figured Livewriter might be the next version of Onfolio. Joe confirmed it.

I will have more to say after I spend some time with it.


One response to “New Version of Onfolio dubbed Livewriter

  1. Just to clarify, Writer doesn’t replace Onfolio, as it’s only used for writing blog posts–there’s no web clipping, RSS reading, or anything else that Onfolio does. Writer is a new and different product that just happens to come from the same team that brought you Onfolio. 🙂

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